Who We Are

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The Minerva team has decades of experience working with nonprofits, foundations, and values-driven companies. Minerva also partners with experts—trusted designers, web developers, global communications professionals, and others—who share our excitement for creating positive social change. Through these partnerships, we can build a team that is tailored to your needs.


How We Work

We create a flywheel of magnetism. We work with joy, confidence, inclusivity, creativity, and passion. This attracts energy, stellar colleagues, and outstanding clients. Like a magnet, we trust that our principles, style, and uniqueness will repel organizations that do not appreciate our values. This magnetism is a daily practice and our most important work.

We are clear, concise, and transparent in how we communicate with each other and our clients. We strive for shared understanding and language. We use language that allows everyone to see themselves. When we make a mistake, we take ownership and action.

We push ourselves to be bold, ambitious, and creative while recognizing that capacity and fundamentals make ambitious work possible. We are realistic with our clients and ourselves about what is possible, what isn’t, and how we can get there. We have flexible boundaries. We adapt to changes and the unique needs of our clients, but never at the cost of our professional standards.

We are open-minded and seek out new ideas, partners, and perspectives. We are confident in our ability to ask the right questions and learn. We know there’s not just one way to get it right. Even when we think we are right, we ask: What else could work? While we recognize this is a risk, we embrace the process of diving deeper to help clients get to the root causes of the issues they face.

Burnout is not a value. We do our best work when our minds, bodies, and spirits are well cared for and supported. We center learning and mentorship to bring out the best in ourselves and others. We expect Minerva team members to practice self-care and we support them in this most important work. We take the time off we’ve earned. Our policies as a company reflect this understanding.

The issues we tackle make the world a better place for all of us. We are genuinely invested in the success of our team and clients. We freely offer and ask for support from our teammates, and we assume positive intent.

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