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Dear Minerva Fan Club,

Minerva Strategies usually lets our work speak for itself. Our team and clients are unwaveringly committed to social justice and focused on equity.

People see our work and they know where we stand and what we stand for. So we don’t have to say it, right? Wrong.

In acknowledgement that silence and inaction equal complicity, I want to be clear: Black lives matter. Institutional racism has poisoned our national well from the beginning, giving White people falsely exalted status over Black and Brown people. Minerva Strategies is committed to building a society where racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and all of their ugly manifestations are replaced by empathy, compassion, and a celebration of our shared humanity.

This is why we go to work every day. This is what we stand for. I know that today’s world can seem dizzying and exhausting but as a warrior goddess once said: Bring it on.

Enough talking from me. I’d rather amplify the voices of Black women you need to hear now. Read Ijeoma Oluo on how White supremacy won’t rest and Seattle Girls’ School’s Brenda Leaks on how to talk to kids about race, and learn how four badass ladies are driving big investments in Washington state’s Black community.

If you have a few extra minutes, check out some things the Minerva team recently wrote on equity and more. Now get to work.

All best,

Joy Portella
President, Minerva Strategies


“I can’t resist a challenge”
Bookda Gheisar has been fighting for social justice for decades. Now she’s taken her talents to the Port of Seattle to create the first office of equity at a U.S. port authority.


“Kung flu” isn’t just racist, it’s dangerous
COVID-19 forced communicators to reconsider how we craft narratives about people of different races, genders, and abilities—and the impact of our words. It’s about time.


Coronavirus check-in: how we’re coping
From Washington to [the other] Washington, from Johannesburg to Jakarta, here’s how Minerva’s team and partners have been doing with #WFH and life in the time of COVID-19.




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