Our Mission is to Create Positive Change
Through Smart Communications.

3 images. Top left image includes Joy Portella, a white woman in her 50s smiling looking to her right. Center image includes Sara Veltkamp, a white woman in her 40s sitting on a brown couch working on her laptop. Bottom image Elise McGlothian, a Black woman in her late 20s.


Why Minerva?

You strive to make the world a better place. Your organization deserves a top-notch communication partner who understands and amplifies your efforts.

The Minerva Strategies team is smart, flexible, and creative. This enables us to push your thinking, adapt to changing circumstances, and make our work refreshing. We tackle weighty issues but also know when and how to have fun.


How We Work

We create a flywheel of magnetism. We work with joy, confidence, inclusivity, creativity, and passion. This attracts energy, stellar colleagues, and outstanding clients. Like a magnet, we trust that our principles, style, and uniqueness will repel organizations that do not appreciate our values. This magnetism is a daily practice and our most important work.

We are clear, concise, and transparent in how we communicate with each other and our clients. We strive for shared understanding and language. We use language that allows everyone to see themselves. When we make a mistake, we take ownership and action.

We push ourselves to be bold, ambitious, and creative while recognizing that capacity and fundamentals make ambitious work possible. We are realistic with our clients and ourselves about what is possible, what isn’t, and how we can get there. We have flexible boundaries. We adapt to changes and the unique needs of our clients, but never at the cost of our professional standards.

We are open-minded and seek out new ideas, partners, and perspectives. We are confident in our ability to ask the right questions and learn. We know there’s not just one way to get it right. Even when we think we are right, we ask: What else could work? While we recognize this is a risk, we embrace the process of diving deeper to help clients get to the root causes of the issues they face.

Burnout is not a value. We do our best work when our minds, bodies, and spirits are well cared for and supported. We center learning and mentorship to bring out the best in ourselves and others. We expect Minerva team members to practice self care and we support them in this most important work. We take the time off we’ve earned. Our policies as a company reflect this understanding.

The issues we tackle make the world a better place for all of us. We are genuinely invested in the success of our team and clients. We freely offer and ask for support from our teammates and we assume positive intent.

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What our clients say

The Minerva Strategies team has been an invaluable partner in a challenging yet exciting time for our organization. Closing a $13.9M capital campaign during a pandemic presented definite obstacles. Their communications guidance and support have been instrumental! They expertly helped us share the story of our new home and our operational pivots during a time of increased need and challenges. In addition, they provided critical assistance shaping our brand update.
We have created a powerful vision for the Port of Seattle Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Minerva Strategies played a key role in helping us create this vision and, with their support, we developed the language, messaging, and tools that will help us live it out, inspire our staff and partners to take action, and keep us laser-focused on fulfilling our goals.
The MCE Social Capital team deeply valued our time working with Minerva. We kicked off our engagement right as we were starting to build out our communications department, and just one year in, our collateral is nearly unrecognizable. Minerva helped show us the value of good communications and the ROI that is possible from intentional, well-done profile raising. Unlike many other firms, they come with a universe of contacts—graphic designers, editors and writing coaches—that have greatly supported the growth of our new vertical. Plus, they are genuinely FUN to work with!
Working with Minerva Strategies was a dream! The team was quick to understand our needs, capacity constraints, and the value of getting our Leaders’ stories and insights into the world at this critical time. Through their efforts, the voices of our Stability Leaders illuminated a hopeful path for people struggling with mental health challenges during this pandemic.
Minerva Strategies is a joy to work with. Their smart planning and effective execution have brought us into the 21st century, helping us develop a platform that resonates and informs.
Minerva Strategies was a strong and integral partner for SGS during our anniversary year. They thoughtfully helped us craft a communications approach that not only highlighted our mission, but was a statement of our mission, as well. For a school centered on leadership and voice, the Minerva approach created the dual opportunity for us to both invite in and share out the voices of our community members. Highly personal and highly effective!
Colleen Martinson has short hair and glasses. She is wearing a green sweater.

Colleen Martinson

Ballard Food Bank
Formal portrait of Bookda Gheiser from the Port of Seattle Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Bookda Gheisar

Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Port of Seattle
Christina Lukeman has curly blonde hair and is wearing a black top.

Christina Lukeman

MCE Social Capital
Megan has long light-colored hair and fair skin. She is outside in front of a large body of water.

Megan Silvestri

The Stability Network
Tavia's hair blows in the wind as she stands on a boat with the Seattle skyline behind her.

Tavia Rhodes

Evergreen Treatment Services
Brenda Leaks smiling at the camera

Brenda Leaks

Seattle Girls' School


Our Commitment to Equity

We are dedicated to building a society where racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and their ugly manifestations are replaced by empathy, compassion, and a celebration of our shared humanity. The Minerva team understands that unrecognized bias in our thinking can perpetuate inequitable systems of power. We constantly challenge ourselves to root out these biases. Our team values diverse thought, life experiences, and heritages. We ensure that all voices are heard and seek constructive criticism. We strive to bring in people and partners who can add perspective to our work and we collaborate with clients who embrace equitable practices and processes.

Dismantling White supremacy and creating an equitable world is hard work. Minerva the warrior goddess says: bring it on.


The Goddess Speaks

Our thoughts on topics ranging from global health to homelessness.