Minerva Strategies Welcomes New Leadership

Minerva team members--Sara, Joy, and Elise--hold an engaging conversation inside a coworking office in DC.

For the past decade, Minerva has been evolving and becoming a stronger and better company. I was thrilled to celebrate our 10th anniversary together with our team in Seattle this past fall. Minerva is now at the next step of that evolution: improving our leadership structure.

I am pleased to announce that, as of January of this year, Vice President Sara Veltkamp is a partner at Minerva Strategies.

Sara smiles against a black and gray background.
Sara Veltkamp is now a partner at Minerva Strategies

Sara’s Leadership

Sara and I have been informally leading Minerva together for nine of these past ten years, and I’m excited to finally make our partnership official. This restructuring will position Minerva well for the next decade and beyond. We have built an amazing company that provides great value to our clients and has a positive impact on the world. Our new leadership structure is the first step in building Minerva’s future.  

Sara’s leadership has been critical to Minerva’s growth over the past decade and her perspectives have often challenged and broadened my own. She has driven efforts to put equity and belonging at the center of Minerva’s work. As our first employee outside of Seattle in pre-COVID times, Sara established systems, guidelines, and elements of corporate culture that have allowed us to smoothly transition to remote work. She has also led digital communications efforts, including the project management of our beautiful new website.

Sara has undertaken all of this work while leading a number of key client relationships. Her efforts have helped organizations fight the stigma of opioid use disorders, bolster locally led climate resilience efforts, and support nurses’ initiatives to redefine their industry. Her day-in-day-out creativity, passion, and patience have made Minerva the company we are today.

What’s Next?

I am very excited about this new chapter for Minerva and look forward to sharing more in the future as our company evolves. Until then, please congratulate Sara at sara@minervastrategies.com or swing by and see her in New Orleans. I know she’d love to hear from you and laissez les bons temps rouler.  

About The Author

Joy Portella

Joy Portella

Founder and President

Joy leads the Minerva Strategies team, providing senior-level direction to every client. Her skills have been honed through more than two decades of experience helping organizations more effectively communicate with media, donors, policymakers and other key audiences.

Prior to establishing Minerva, Joy spent five years as director of communications at the international humanitarian organization Mercy Corps. She guided Mercy Corps’ messaging, media relations, and crisis communications, and traveled extensively to document work in global hotspots including the Horn of Africa, the Gaza Strip, and North Korea. Previously, Joy worked for a decade at leading communication firms – Burson-Marsteller, Ruder Finn and SS+K – in New York and Washington DC.