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The two Washingtons are pictured--Seattle and Washington DC

The Minerva Team—

If you’re one of the incredibly intelligent people who closely follows Minerva Strategies, you may already know that we have big news: We are open for business in both Washingtons—Seattle and DC! As of late June, long-time Minerva Goddess Sara Veltkamp set up shop on the East Coast.



Here’s why we’re excited about this move:


– We get to say “the other Washington” all the time.


– Having a presence on the East Coast—particularly in DC—puts us in the thick of national conversations around policies that matter to us and our clients. Our presence here will generate better insights for our West Coast clients and help them stay plugged into conversations about health, homelessness, immigration, and other topics on the national level.


– We can serve new and existing East Coast clients better than ever. We are able to have more face time, work in their time zone, and provide a dose of West Coast vibe whenever our clients need it.


– For our clients in global health and development, being in Seattle and DC puts us in the middle of the US-based action. We sit where budgets and policies impact peoples’ lives, and where innovation and technology tackle the world’s most pressing problems.


– For clients with offices in DC and Seattle, we can more easily serve both offices—assisting with communications for advocacy and government relations in addition to our existing communication support services.


– We are available for longer hours every day. Waking up early in a panic about a communication crisis on the West Coast? Call Minerva East! Need someone to quickly review a draft you’ve stayed after hours to finish at your East Coast office? Call Minerva West!


-We get to stay nice and close to our friends at Amazon—on both coasts.


Let us know what you think about our bold new move and share your tips or tricks for successful remote teams by emailing Sara at sara[at]minervastrateiges[dot]com.


If you’re in DC, stop by! We’ve got a sweet new set-up at a coworking space called the Open Gov Hub. The Hub is a dynamic meeting place for organizations who make governments and societies around the world more open, responsible, just, and responsive to their people. We’d love to show you around.


Stay tuned for updates on our East Coast work and we look forward to continuing to provide top-notch services to our clients on both coasts—and everywhere in between.

About The Author

Sara Veltkamp

Sara Veltkamp

Vice President

Sara lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and is Minerva's vice president. She takes a lead role in all aspects of Minerva Strategies’ smart communication strategies and implementation. She loves a challenge and is obsessed with learning new things, from how to use new platforms and tools for storytelling to languages like Amharic, French, or Farsi to mastering a difficult yoga pose. She applies this energy and curiosity to all clients’ communication challenges. Learn more about Sara.