How Minerva Strategies made me a better person

Jordan stands with her back to the camera in front of a building at WSU with a graduation hat on

Jordan Kercheval, Minerva Intern —

Time flies when you’re having fun. I can attest that a truer statement has never been said, because I can’t believe my 12 weeks with Minerva Strategies is coming to an end. I’ve learned a lot over the past four months and so much goes beyond communication. 


Of course, I picked up some hard skills that I’ll carry with me to my next job – better social media practices, how to compile a media list using Cision, how to navigate a Wordpress site, and lots of other communication tools. 


I was able to do quite a bit of writing which left me with some great pieces – like this blog post – to showcase in a portfolio. I had the opportunity to work on my own project, and I created a LinkedIn marketing strategy for Minerva, learning a ton along the way. 


I’m so grateful for these experiences, and I feel more confident in my abilities as I get ready to dive head-first into a job search.  


Some of my favorite moments at Minerva, though, were the eye-opening moments that often left me humbled and inspired. Here are a couple: 


You never know someone’s story  


Since Minerva works with clients who serve marginalized populations, I heard several stories about how people ended up in situations that are not ideal – be it homelessness, drug use, or needing to pick up some of their groceries from a food bank. I didn’t realize that many Seattleites are one unforeseen medical bill away from not being able to pay their rent, or that many people who are addicted to heroin first got addicted to legal pain medication prescribed by their doctors.  


I was quicker to jump to conclusions about the people I saw on the street or those who use drugs before I started with Minerva. Working alongside some amazing organizations like Evergreen Treatment Services and the Ballard Food Bank helped me realize that you never know what someone may be going through and you should never underestimate what they are capable of when they are supported by people who care. 



Incredible people work in this sector 


Speaking of the people who care, this internship opened my eyes to how many people are hustling to make the world a better place. I’ve interacted with people who are battling the opioid epidemic, working for a food bank that is so much more than a traditional food bank, and helping parents get a higher education so they can give their children a brighter future.  


Everyone has a different reason for why they’re so connected to their organizations’ missions – a history of homelessness or food insecurity, a friend or loved one who died by suicide or overdose – and I was consistently inspired by the work these people are doing every day. 


I also had the opportunity to work alongside the two Minerva Goddesses (and one pretty cute dog). Seeing how dedicated and passionate these women are about their work is truly inspiring, and it was an honor to learn from them. 


All in all, I feel incredibly lucky to have found this opportunity. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m definitely more prepared for my next endeavor.  

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