How We Built a Brand To Boost Health Coverage in Africa

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by Johnny Merolla


The Minerva Strategies team has a flexible and dedicated team of partners around the globe. Whether it be a PR agency in Nigeria or a videographer in Portland, we tap into talents in able to tailor a suite of services for our clients.


Our team recently finished up a project with our partner RRD Design to create a brand, messaging, and set of communication tools for the African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions (ACS).


ACS is an initiative led by the international development organization Results for Development and funded by USAID that accelerates progress toward universal health coverage (UHC) in sub-Saharan Africa. ACS identifies points where countries and regions can collaborate, learn, and hold each other accountable on UHC.


This project is why we love what we do. We got to partner with like-minded folks who care about advancing positive change and spent quality time picking the brains of all sorts of health experts across Africa.


Check out ACS’s case study to learn how our work helps make UHC an achievable reality in Africa.

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