Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

Raising the profile of groundbreaking health data through global media outreach

Worldwide Media Coverage of a Groundbreaking Study


Minerva Strategies partnered with IHME to support media outreach, messaging, and social media strategy surrounding the launch of GBD 2010, a study that detailed the impact of 291 diseases, injuries, and risk factors in 187 countries over time.  This momentous study provided the most up-to-date, in-depth picture of the world’s health challenges to policy makers, experts, and the general public. GBD 2010 involved nearly 500 researchers around the world, and was led by IHME.


IHME is breaking new ground in the realm of global health data. IHME launched country-specific findings of the GBD 2010 at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a March 2013 event featuring Bill Gates and health luminaries and researchers from around the world. IHME approached the Minerva Strategies team to lead a campaign of worldwide media outreach.


Minerva Strategies quickly assembled a team of communication professionals in locations across the globe to generate stories from the study findings, and reach influential media in as many target countries as possible. In addition to traditional media outreach, Minerva supported social media strategy and content generation efforts. Lastly, the U.S.-based Minerva team assisted with media relations for the Seattle event, coordinating media attendance with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation staff and responding to inquiries and requests for interviews.


GBD 2010 data appeared in more than 140 media stories spanning 26 countries. Top international outlets included the Washington Post, NBC, Times of London (UK), El Espectador (Colombia), EFE (Spain), Times of India (India), Mainichi (Japan), Mail & Guardian (South Africa), and many more.